The Rules

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Here you will find all important information relating to the setting, plot and game itself.

The Rules

Postby Theo » Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:29 pm


Love them or hate them a rp game would not function without some rules.

  • We're here to have fun. That means drama and being purposely malicious and manipulative will not be tolerated here. Please note however, the staff team can not moderate events that occur off site.
  • This forum is rated R for mature content and you must be aged 18+ to join. All threads should be marked with trigger tags:

    [Mature Content]
    [Sexual Violence]
    [Excessive Violence]
  • You must register with your OOC account first and then your character account. This forum software does not allow account linking but you can list your characters in your profile field.
  • You can not roleplay until your character is approved
  • We ask that all posts are over 250 words in length.
  • Avatar and forum images can not contain nudity.
  • Avatar dimensions are 150 px wide and 400 px tall
  • Signiture sizes must be no greater than 600px wide and 300 px tall.
  • We do not allow anime, cartoon or digital face-claims.
  • All rp posts are to be written in third person past tense. A basic level of spelling and grammar is expected and your posts must be readable.
  • This forum is a LGBTQ friendly forum. IC & OOC.
  • Please abide by general RP rules of conduct and do not god mod or mini mod.
  • Please show respect to your fellow members and do not harass, flame or troll.
  • Even though we are a modern fantasy roleplay, we do expect realism in replies. If your character approaches a clan leader and does something that causes grave offence, please accept the repercussions as realistic. Not all characters get along.
  • We ask that members make at least 1 ic post per week from any character account. Clan leaders are expected to reply to all threads at least once per week.
  • If you adopt a character or take on the role of clan leader and your activity falls below the level expected your spot/character can be taken away should your activity not improve.
  • If you’re going to be away, please post in the away thread to let us know.
  • Please be aware of rp continuity, while we offer some leeway in starting threads, we do not allow members to start threads in the past to allow them to meta-game/control a current situation in a thread eg: Member makes tread set two weeks in the past so they can have their character become best friends with super evil dude who can then come along and attack people. Or, starting threads in the past to allow your character to know a vital piece of information. Use your common sense.


  • Use your forum OOC name in the chat box. This does not apply to discord.
  • The chat box and discord are not to be used for IC roleplay
  • The chat box is for casual conversation and tagging, if you want to discuss plots, start a forum thread or move into Discord.
  • All forum rules also relate to the chat systems
  • Curse words are allowed because your admin swears like a sailor.
  • Application problems are not to be discussed in the chat box, please use the PM system.
  • Any member problems or forum problems are not to be discussed in the chat box, please contact the admin and use the PM system.
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