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Here you will find all important information relating to the setting, plot and game itself.

Plot & Setting

Postby Theo » Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:53 pm


Hope in Chains is a modern supernatural fantasy forum drawing inspiration from numerous TV shows and Books to create an expansive world which centres on player participation. This is a forum which, while an open sandbox, encourages members to craft and change the world through plots and input.


The forum operates in a RL time line. It's currently 2017. The month is whatever month is is in RL.


In the heart of England the Uk Werewolf Pack have a very uneasy alliance with the Uk Vampire Coven. Both groups ignore one another while policing their own species to obey the cardinal rule: No Mortal can know of the existence of the supernatural. A rule that has been in place for 100 years since both species suffered at the hands of a human uprising. An uprising that has fallen from the memories of mankind but remains a reminder that mortals can not be trusted.

But reports of human hunters in America could signify trouble in England. Someone has allowed the secret to get out. Someone is being careless and it is only a matter of time before war breaks out. The wolves turn their attention to the Rogue wolves that they document and track across the UK and the Vampire's turn their attention to the Ferals: Vampires who do not align with the coven.

Hope in Chains was created with the aim of creating a place where writers can write and have fun. R rated, with humans, vampires, were-wolves and witches this open sandbox forum encourages member participation to shape and mould the setting and plot.
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