Leif Henriksen


Leif Henriksen

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Leif Henriksen
41 || Human-Necromancer || Male


Sexuality Heterosexual
Location: Derby


Leif is a charismatic and intelligent man though is now slipping under the weight of his powers. As is the way of necromancers, his mental health is failing and he often slips into dissociated moments and absences. He relies heavily on sleeping tablets and alcohol to help him sleep, and alcohol to allow him to function daily. When he is at his best he is a skilled and competent necromancer, but at his worst he locks himself away and looses himself to the shackles of his mind. Over the past year he is becoming erratic in his behaviour and feels he is losing control. He is unable now to differentiate between entity and hallucination.



  • Commune with the dead: Can communicate, hear and see the souls of the dead and they can hear him. As such the dead are drawn to him and he often has to block out dozens of dead souls wanting to get him to pass messages on for him.
  • Grave side communion: Can communicate strongly at grave sites. Tends to avoid churchyards and hospitals.
  • Solid form: Necromancers are able to turn a spirit into a solid entity for a time. This uses a great deal of energy but often allows a spirit to finish business and rest in peace.
  • Call spirits: Can call known spirits to him from a distance though this uses a great deal of energy
  • Spirit guide: The spirit of his daughter haunts him


Leif was born to a middle class family in Denmark. Life was good though as a child he began suffering terrible night terrors. It reached a point when he was 5 years old that he was refusing to sleep or be alone and his parents sought psychiatric treatment. Doctors could find nothing wrong until as Leif got older and started mentioning the voices. Labelled as having psychosis he was institutionalised. It did not help. It was only on the off chance that one of the nurses in the hospital realised what he was. His parents had long since given up on him by the time he was 11 and the nurse petitioned to adopt the young boy from his parents. They agreed. Raised by the witch he gained control over his abilities and by the time he was 16 was on his way to becoming a skilled necromancer. He could block out the noise and did well in his studies. One night however, he was practising on turning a spirit into solid form. The spirit in question was a young man who Leif had bonded with and they had become friends. He managed to complete the process and his spirit friend was solid. Unbeknown to Leif, he had been deceived and the spirit was not the kind friend but a cruel, twisted spirit of a man who had killed many children before hanging. Leif could not stop him, still learning his powers, the spirit attacked and killed his 8 year old adoptive sister. His adoptive mother arrived too late, but managed to banish the spirit. He was sent away to college then, and never returned.

His sister however, chose to remain with him in spirit form, which on one hand eased his guilt as she did not blame him but also worsened the guilt. He swore to harness and control his powers fully. And he did. He gained a doctorate in forensic pathology and worked in Denmark before travelling to England to gain a position within the Derbyshire police force. There he has remained since, struggling to retain his sanity.


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